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Only One Finance Company Can Invest At Our Global Project
We don't need any grace period, our social media instant revenue model can help our Investors & online users. Zero Debts, No Existing Loan, Single Owner, We Reduce Many Expenses, Low Man Power Increase Profit Ratio, 100% Budget Control Climate Friendly Project. Download Investment Proposal.

 Global Slowdown Alert. Realestate, Car, Gold, Important Export, Loan, Finance Sector Etc

     New Delhi: Report Netherland Cricketer Now Work For Uber Food Delivery Boy Due To Covid19 Slowdown. Twitter

Advantages For Global Investor:
1) BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform Have Huge Market Size
2) Global Slowdown Alert, But Digital Platform Could Not Effected By Climate Change & Covid19 Pandemic Situation.
3) Flexible Repayment 24 Months
4) Few Manpower, No Stock Maintenance Cost, No Manufacturing Cost, No Distribution Cost. Those Conditions Increase Our Profit Ratio.
5) Our Customers Allover The World. City, Village, Town, Forest Etc. Any Gender, Any Professional & Any Age Customers Can Work With Us.
Revenue Model:
1) UDS 60,200 Ads Balance Free On 3 Months Subscription Plan Online Users Can Purchase Online & Each Post We Provide Additional Ads Balance USD 13.48/-
2) Street Umbrella Agency: ☔ Around The World Poor Peoples Want To Work Freedomly, They Can Work With Us 25% Commission Basic
3) Shop Owner's Agency: Shop Is Secure Place For Local Customers, Shop Owners Can Work With Us 25% Commission Basic
4) Digital Marketing Agency: Around The World Many Peoples Know Digital Marketing With Their Database, They Can Work With Us 25% Commission Basic
5) Digital Gift Card, Allover World People Can Purchase Digital Gift Card For Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift As Per Subscription Plan

60% Yearly Return, Investment Opportunity Close Soon.

Blast Your Professional, Personal, Business Information Just One Click.

What is the meaning Information Technology? Information Technology Meaning, Distribute Your Subject With Maximum Peoples From One Device To Many Device, By Computer Or Smartphone Or Telivision. All IT Companies Generate Revenue For Using Their Platform. Now BirdsMind Social Media Provide World Record Facilities, Upto Rs 45 Lakhs Ads Balance Free For 3 Months Which Cost Rs 87/- Only. 
New Delhi: In Covid19 situation most business almost destroyed (News Report) (News Report) BirdsMind Social Media can help to sell 12 million products & more easy overcome from problems for personal, professional, business, corporate, industry sectors. Man, women, city, village, town etc.
Officially Investment Proposal Release By Newspaper Ad, Date 28th October 2020 Economic Times, Mumbai, India.
Investment size: USD 5 Million to 500 Million, For Maintain Advertisement & Management Cost. This Is Right Time & Great Investment In Covid19 Situation, Blast Your Business & Personal Information Just One Click 
Subject : 1) 🔜 If peoples don't know what is your problems, then how you solve it? (2)🔜 Digital Advertisement very expensive, how BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform provide more easy & budget friendly services.

Economic Times Mumbai, India Our Ad Was Released: BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform, Large Mkt Size, Angel Vc Can Invest Rs 3 Cr - 200 Cr, Yearly Return 60% M/W 8700914262


Small Gift For World, Rs 45 Lakhs Ads Balance Free
✓Blast Your Information Reach 1.5 Crore Peoples
✓How Many Peoples Know About UR Product, Business, Personal, Professional, Corporate Details
♥️BirdsMind Social Media
Starting From Rs 29

BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform, Market Size 5 Billion Internet Users Can Share Any Subject Just One Click.

Read Below Step By Step Each Points

Digital Marketing Very Expensive, BirdsMind Social Media Now Live For Worldwide, We Make It More Easy & Budget Friendly.

Digital Advertisement Services Very Expensive, BirdsMind Provide This Services With Low Budget Subscription plan.

🔜 If peoples don't know what is your problems, your desire, then how you jump one step to another steps, no good contacts no growth no success. Now BirdsMind Social Media solve this problem, we provide you comfort zone.

BirdsMind Provide 45 Lakhs Ads Balance Free, Reach Upto 1.5 Crore Peoples Just 1 Click  Only Rs 29/Month + Additional Rs 1000/- Ad Balance Each Post.

Pre-Money Valuation Rs 65 Thousand Crore Market Around World 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whats App, Google, Linkedin, instragram never Provide This Facility. 

Those Company Generated Revenue By Sale Digital Advertisement Plans.

Now BirdsMind Social Media Provide Rs 45 Advertisement Balance By Minimum Subscription Plans.

BirdsMind help personal, professional, business, corporate sector, self-employe peoples. Just Required One Click.

BirdsMind Social Media Feature Growth & Business Model & Facilities:

✓No risk offer for our investors, Our market size 5 billion internet users
It's Peoples world one people can help another people, send your story by BirdsMind Subscription Plan
🌐 Boom Boom Offer In Covid19 situation, For Our Investors & Customers
BirdsMind Social Media & Marketplace Customers around the world. City, village, town etc.
Investment at digital platform like BirdsMind best time now.
World Record Offer For Our Investor yearly 60% Return, when you invest USD 4,20,000 to USD 8 Million for 2 years or more

✓ BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform, we operating from New Delhi, India.
India is world 2 nd largest population country. Different kinds of problems & facility here.
✓ Why Investor invest?
1) Good Return
2) No loss project due to large market with maximum facility. (Our market size 5 billion internet users)
Early Revenue Stage 
Single Owner 100% share holder
Shekhar Sengupta, India, New Delhi
Peoples crazy for maximum views, comments, Likes etc.
✓ Advantages & Market Capacity: 
1) Our market size 5 billion internet users, peoples can sell & share own subjects by  Rs 45 Lakhs digital Ads balance with Low-budget subscription plan
2) Our product already Live in market & due to digital platform we here reduce many expenses like manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, marketing etc.
3) Our Customers each place in this earth. City, village, town etc
4) 8 years to 80 years old people can use our services
5) peoples looking for digital platform or marketing
6) any Startup need fund & advertisement, our business can generate revenue from each targeted Ads or campaign.

Shekhar Sengupta (Founder)

Online Users Demand :
✓Today worldwide internet users like to use internet, but they have no way to reach maximum peoples, when you think to reach maximum peoples with your story, then you must need to purchase Digital Advertisement services with selected area wise, huge money required to reach everyday maximum number of people.
World Record Offer For Online Users :
✓BirdsMind Social Media deeply understand this problem, now you can send or reach with your story by our WORLD RECORD Bulk Advertisement Packages, it's can help to job seekers, employers, personal, professional, corporate sector. Village, City, Town every peoples can solve his requirements or problems by promote himself.
(1) Social Media part of life
(2) Social Media can provide you maximum popularity
(3) Social Media Peoples use for entertainment
(4) Maximum likes, comments, view most desire crazy subject for online users
(5) BirdsMind Social Media Provide you power, now you can control where & when you want to reach maximum peoples with your any post or story.
Peoples looking for Social Media bulk advertisement packages
BirdsMind Social Media High Technology Company we provide global platform to reach maximum number of people
Our market size 5 billion internet users
Our target minimum new joining 2,00,000 subscribers per month

Market Competitors :
⭐Boom Boom Offer In Covid19 Situation
🌐 We have no competitors yet. Because this concept new with low budget. Single owner company can provide this offer, but private limited company can't provide this kind facilities
Who don't want to promote himself?
Everybody want. Now Social Media part of life.
⭕*Our services :
Social Media, Marketplace, Commercial advertisement, New Modeling career Ad, Matrimony, E-commerce
We have different subscription plan for 
Non commercial & Commercial Users
♣️ Problem : Worldwide users & Company suffering for maximum views or sending post to maximum peoples (video, image, poem, song, story) I am solved this problem
Peoples or corporate sector can promote him/herself
🔜 No good contacts no growth no success
♣️ Solution :
What is meaning of Problem?
Google Search Answer : A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.
Why human facing problem?
Answer: Lack of information, lack of knowledge, lack of helping hands.
BirdsMind Social Media Global Platform Solve this issue just one click,
We provide you unlimited Friendship offer & we provide you instant sponsor advertisement Packages, for digital awareness with your story, you can use this for your fun, business, personal, professional, problem solution purpose.
Example : 
It's can help to sell 12 million products & more easy overcome from problems
1) One child or man seeking for blood or organ, it's help by awareness.
2) One boy or girl looking for teacher or new job, it's help by awareness.
3) One Corporate house looking for recruitment or product promotion or technician, it's help by awareness.
4) One boy or girl looking for life partner, it's help by awareness
5) It's can help by awareness many sectors like event, movie, education, vacancy, medical, website company, training institute etc. City, Village, Town.
⭕World Record Offer Rs 45 Lakhs Ads balance free on Rs 87/- for 3 months subscription plan
And Each Post (video, poem, image, stroy etc) we provide Rs 1000/- Additional Ads balance
⭕We provide you USD 61676/- Ads balance only USD 1.19/- For 3 months subscription.
Each post additional USD 13.55/ Ads balance
🌐 Every Month target new joining 2,00,000 subscribers worldwide
🔜 Social Media 100% profitable & favourite subject for world society.
🔜 Worldwide Online Users Demand Reach To Maximum Peoples, now it's very easy with BirdsMind subscription plan Rs 45 Lakhs Ads Balance Free For 3 Months Only Rs 29/Month
5 Years Profit & Loss minimum prediction, please found from below link :
Pre-Money Valuation Rs 65 Thousand Crore Market Around World

Download Angel Vc Investment Proposal

Contract us related quarry

This is Right Time & Great Investment Proposal In Covid19 situation
Twitter birds_mind
Shekhar Sengupta (Founder, Developer, CEO)
New Delhi, India 🇮🇳
India HQ M/W +91-8700914262
USA M/W +15806348753