BirdsMind Social Media Provide Professional Services According Subscription Plan, Franchise Avail For Call Center Owner's Or Shop Owner's
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Peoples Like Low Budget Long Time With Discount Price With Extra Facility Services
1 Table 4 Chair Start Your Call Center
|| Royalty Fee Rs 20,000/Lifetime 
Our Services :  (1 Package Unlimited Services)

Viral Your Video, Picture, Voice Unlimited

1) Matrimony
2) Online Recruitment Platform
3) Online Digital/Physical Products Sell Zero Commission Facility
4) Unlimited Chatting
Regular Price Rs 6000/Year
Discount Offer Price For Call Center Owner
Rs 3000 For 3 Years & Rs 50000 Ad Balance Free
Call Center Owner Commission Rs 1000/Sales
Telesales Agent Commission Rs 1000/Sales
If You Have Minimum 6 Telesales Agents Team, Monthly Income Calculation Below
Daily Subscription Packag Sales Calculation

1) 6 Telesales Agent X 4 Subscription Packag Sell/Agent =  12 Sales Every Day
Monthly Subscription Packag Sales Calculation
2) 26 Working Days In A Month
26 Working Days X 12 Subscription Packag Sales/Day =  312 Subscription Packag Sales/Month
3) Outbound Call Center Owner Income
Monthly 312 Subscription Packag Sales X Rs 1000 Commission = Rs 3 Lakhs 12 Thousand/Month
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