BirdsMind Social Media Provide Services To High Profile Society People's
Newspaper Advertisement Very Costly Common People Can't Spend Rs 5,000 To Rs 75,000 For One Day Advertisement
Digital Advertisement Very Budget Friendly People's Can Use 24 Hours Any Where In This World 
Outbound Call Center Business Very Profitable. No Prime Location, No Stock Maintenance, No Staff Salary Burden
Only Chair, Table, Telesales Agent, Smart Phone Required To Start This Business 
1 Table 4 Chair Start Your Call Center
|| Royalty Fee Rs 20,000/Lifetime 
Our Services :  (1 Package Unlimited Services)

Viral Your Video, Picture, Voice Unlimited

1) Matrimony
2) Online Recruitment Platform
3) Online Digital/Physical Products Sell Zero Commission Facility
4) Unlimited Chatting
Regular Price Rs 2500/Year
Special Offer For Call Center Owner's
Rs 6000 Ad Balance Free
Call Center Owner Commission Rs 700/Sales
Telesales Agent Commission Rs 700/Sales
If You Have Minimum 4 Telesales Agents Team, Monthly Income Calculation Below
Daily Subscription Packag Sales Calculation

Very Easy Calculation & Process : 1 Out Bound Telecaller Can Call To 100 Peoples Every Day. So 1 Telecaller Can Generate 4 Sales Every Day 
1) 4 Telesales Agent X 3 Subscription Packag Sell/Agent =  12 Sales Every Day
Monthly Subscription Packag Sales Calculation
2) 26 Working Days In A Month
26 Working Days X 12 Subscription Packag Sales/Day =  312 Subscription Packag Sales/Month
3) Outbound Call Center Owner Income
Monthly 312 Subscription Packag Sales X Rs 700 Commission = Rs 2 Lakhs 18 Thousand/Month
4) Telesales Agent's Commission 
3 Subscription Plan Sales/Day X 26 Days = 78 Subscription Plan Sales/Month
78 Subscription Plan Sales X Rs 700 = Rs 54,600/Month Income 
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