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Light Speed Notification, Who View Your Profile


12 Million Kind Products You Can Sell
1) Online Education
You Can Found Best Teachers From BirdsMind Marketplace
2) Social Media, Online Chatting, Viral Your Post
Ads Loan Up To USD 60,200/- Interest 0% No Payback Promise Down Payment Required 5% Only
3) Online Shoping
Commission 0% 1 Year USD 30/- Unlimited Business Opportunity
4) Matrimony
As Per Subscription Packages
5) YouTuber & Twitter Account Holder
Can Increase Their Subscriber
6) Personal, Professional, Business
Ads Loan  Up To $ 60,200/- Or INR 45 Lakhs Interest 0% No Payback Promise, On Ads Loan Amount 5% Down Payment Required
7) E-Classified Paper Text Ad Price USD 10/-
Display/image Ad Price USD 20/-
Full Size Paper Ad $ 60/-
Half Size Paper $45/-
Quater Size Paper $ 30/-
8) BirdsMind Gift Card
For Birthday Wedding Friendship Ads Balance Up To USD 60,200/- No Payback Promise Interest 0% Down Payment Required 5% Only
9) Resume Marketing 1 Year
Employer Contact With You Directly USD 30/- Or INR 2,200/-
10) Modeling Campus
Global Corporate Sector Come To Our Digital Campus, They Can Contact You Directly
Delivery Process: BirdsMind Never Provide Any Delivery Services, You Must Contact In Your Country E-Commerce Courier Service Providers, In This Process Your Money Never Hold For 15 Days, Must Use Cash On Delivery Process For Win Your Customers Trust

BirdsMind Provide Gift Card For Wedding, Birthday, Friendship Day Big Amount Gift Card

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